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Forest to Farm: Pallet Forks

by Survival Dispatch Staff

Hey guys Brain & Terry here! Today we are going be looking at using pallet forks for moving logs. When we first bought the tractor, we didn’t have the extra funds for the grapple and third function valve that everyone kept telling us we needed. So, we bought pallet forks that we could also use when we rent a skid steer. We figured we could use them for moving logs, brush, and other random stuff until we could make the larger investment. When we first started this process, we were cutting the logs into small enough chunks that we could manage to lift them into the back of Terry’s truck, haul them back into the property, and drag them out and pile them up for later; or we would leave them very large when we knew we’d be renting a mini-excavator and haul them with it. We needed something more efficient and less taxing on our bodies. So, the forks were the most practical investment we could make at the time. 

When it comes to moving logs with the forks, you have to be careful and take your time. Unlike a grapple, there’s nothing holding them in place. If the load is unbalance, it could shift as you go over a hill or bump and slide right off of the forks. Additionally, if it’s unbalanced, you could damage your loader by putting too much flex on one side. You have to pay attention to how the load it situated on the forks and to how much you put on it. This is one of those times where it’s smart to take it slow and get a feel for how the forks operate with a load, and how they feel with different types of loads on them. Once you build your confidence and skill, you’ll easily add to what you can do with them. At first, I was worried and only carrying a log or two. Now, I load it up and have no issues. They actually stand out above a grapple in this way. With a grapple you can only pick up a log or two to carry. With forks, as long as we have stacked the pile properly, and depending on the size of everything, I can pick up a good size pile of a dozen or more logs at one time, haul it, and dump it without ever having to get off the tractor. We’ve realized that we really don’t need a grapple. We can do most everything we need with these forks, including moving brush which we will show you later on. 

If you’re looking for a good implement investment for your tractor, don’t discount a set of forks. These have been a huge help to us, and we are truly glad we got them.

We hope you guys and gals found this post to be helpful and entertaining. Be sure to check back soon as we keep moving forward on the property and share a some really cool tips we have learned along the way. Coming up we’ll be digging out for our water main! Thanks for stopping by!

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