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Acts of War

China: Bio-Weapons Report 

Since the last situation report there have been overt and covert escalations by enemies of the United States and of freedom from all over the world. The Chinese government has been exposed for its work on weaponizing diseases like Covid for the better part of a decade, the Israeli-Palestine conflict has reached the highest levels of aggression to date, and a cyber attack on the US has caused state of emergency from Texas to Maryland. 

The State Department has uncovered a dossier from the Peoples Liberation Army alleging that the Chinese Communist Party had been researching and planning on ways to weaponize diseases like Covid-19. Their plan includes releasing it into other countries, in order to study what China’s adversaries’ medical systems are capable of and how they react.

The implication of this is clear, China is preparing to launch a much more aggressive and overt attack now that they have tested and documented our weaknesses throughout our medical infrastructure. This is part of the reason why Donald Trump tried during the last year of his presidency to move pharmaceutical manufacturing back into the United States. This nationalization of necessary medical products would secure our supply chain, and most importantly take American lives out of the hands of Chinese manufacturers. This is a serious national security issue moving forward on which the Biden Administration must be pressured to take action. 

The dossier confirms what we already know about the Chinese Virology Lab in Wuhan, as well as the CCP’s financial and intellectual investment into studying disease with the potential to be weaponized. In 2018 the U.S. Embassy in China visited the facility and voiced its concerns about the research, funding, and conditions of the Level 4 Virology Lab. 

The Gaza Strip: Acceleration of Tensions 

This morning Hamas announced it launched around 200 rockets into Israel in retaliation for the Israeli military’s aggression yesterday. Of course mainstream media, and the Biden Administration, has parroted these talking points and thereby serving as propagandists for a Foreign Terrorist Organization as designated by the Director of National Intelligence. 

Israeli missile launched from the Iron Dome defense missile system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells, is seen above Gaza city on November 13, 2019. (Photo by MAHMUD HAMS / AFP)

The truth of the story is that Hamas launched hundreds of rockets into different parts of Israel indiscriminately. One of the buildings that were hit was a Jewish school that had been evacuated under the orders of the Israel Defense Force (IDF). In response to this unprovoked and aimless attack on Israeli Jews and Arabs alike, Israel launched a series of targeted strikes against military targets. 

Knowing that the Western media would carry the water on any lie that they told, Hamas has baselessly asserted that the strikes were responsible for multiple civilian casualties including 4 children. Social media companies, western politicians, and mainstream cable news bear the responsibility for gaslighting the populace and the resulting consequences. 

Outside of the geo-political realm, this has real implications in the escalation of military action in the middle east going forward. The previous administration had successfully deterred violence in the Middle East, and specifically against Israel but it seems that this generation will be much more incompetent on this front. With China’s ever increasing demand for oil, as it ramps up its military industrial complex both domestically and internationally, there could be an effort to capitalize on the uncertainty in the region to increase their foothold. 

If the current unrest is not quickly resolved, it could develop into a greater national security threat not only to Israel, but the rest of the Western World as well. 

Ransomware Attack: Administrations Response Raises Questions

Throughout the Southeast people are attempting to determine the long term effects of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown caused by the ransomware attack. The panic buying has artificially increased how quickly stations run out, making accurate analysis hard to do. 

Industry experts expect for the pipeline to be operational by the end of this week, meaning that this specific attack will not likely have long term effects once the storage facilities along the pipeline are filled up again. However, it is a warning sign that those who value security and certainty should take very seriously for two reasons. 

First of all, the Biden Administration has taken the dangerous position of allowing the Colonial Pipeline to negotiation with the group Darkside. Deputy National Security Adviser for Cyber & Emerging Technology Anne Neuberger said that it was a ‘private sector decision’. This sets a dangerous precedent, and incentivizes more hacker groups to attack infrastructure using ransomware, evidently without fear of punishment from the Federal government. This also violates the hardline policy the United States has taken for decades, do not negotiate with terrorists. 

The second issue this attack illustrates is that of the infrastructure that we depend on for critical aspects of life. Not only is it being abandoned by the Administration in power, but it was vulnerable enough that hackers accidentally shut it down. What could other nation-states do to our infrastructure with a targeted cyber attack? The truth is we do not know. 

This should serve as a reminder to make sure that you are prepared for all circumstances that you could be faced with. This includes, but is not limited to, having a supply of gas (but wait until this current situation is resolved to stock up), food, water, ammunition, medical supplies, and everything else you and those under your care will need. 

In Other News 

5 Headlines You May Have Missed

1. The Queen of England announced voter reform, including needing ID to vote. Apparently learning from the mistake of November 3rd better than our own politicians. 

2. A second letter in France has been signed by everyone from average citizens to military generals saying that France is being invaded by muslim refugees and that a civil war is impending. 

3. The Jobs Report was 25% of what analysts predicted contributing to economic destabilization caused by the skyrocketing inflation rates. 

4. An MIT study found that Anti-maskers have a better grasp of the science than those who religiously wear them, despite the notion that those who do not wear masks are ignorant of the science. 

5. Representative Liz Cheney has been ousted from Republican Leadership by a secret ballot vote in a closed door meeting. 

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