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Developing the Mindset to Survive and Thrive When Disaster Strikes

by Survival Dispatch Staff

Developing the Survival Mindset with Tom Hanks creating a fire on a beach

Knowledge, preparation and proper gear are all important aspects of survival. Having a store of food, water and the training to be self sufficient for a time certainly increases the odds of you successfully navigating a disastrous situation.

But what about the stories of people with little training and no gear who are thrust into life and death situations? Many of these people manage to survive despite the odds being heavily against them.

What drove these people to live?

Simple. It was their mindset. They refused to die. They refused to give up. They refused to quit fighting. They chose to survive!

Here are 12 Survival Mindset related quotes to help you develop the mentality to survive and thrive when disaster strikes.

Man swimming in icy water with mindset quote from Frank Herbert

Unless you are training for every single potential survival situation you may encounter (which is impossible), something is going to catch you by surprise. Take what you know and apply it to the new situation as best you can.

Man warming by fire in snow with mindset quote from Richard J. Davidson

Being in a life and death survival situation is going to suck.  Deal with the negative emotions quickly and get focused on the task at hand.

Man leaning against a tree with mindset quote from Matt Graham

Get to work on being self-sustaining as quickly as possible. You likely won’t know when help is coming.

Man covered in sweat and dirt with mindset quote from Bear Grylls

Make the decision that you are going to survive no matter what. Never deviate from that path, don’t allow any other thoughts to have a place in your thoughts.

Man with backpack looking at the mountains with mindset quote from Dr. Martin Luther King

Only when challenged do we see our true character. Make a habit of challenging yourself on a consistent basis so your psyche will be strong enough to handle any disaster that may come your way.

Group of people walking through swampy water with mindset quote from Vince Lombardi

When faced with a life or death survival situation, you are going to experience setbacks. Keep going, keep getting back up, don’t quit!

Man drinking water from a leaf with mindset quote from Leon Megginson

Be adaptable. Learn multiple ways to perform key survival tasks like lighting a fire or purifying water. Don’t be a one trick pony.

Man starting a fire in the snow with a mindset quote from Theodore Roosevelt

Many people freeze up when faced with a dangerous situation. Not making a decision can be just as harmful as making a wrong choice. Thought before action…if you have time. But take action!

Man making a fire with mindset quote from Optimus Prime

You may live a life of preparedness, but the exact moment you need to put your skills and preps into play is not one you will get to choose. Trust your skills, trust your preps, get to work!

Webster Dictionary definition of survival with man starting fire amongst rocks

Survival is about one thing and one thing only…staying alive. Keep focused on that task, and do what it takes to keep going on a little longer and a little farther.

Man sitting on log by a fire with mindset quote

I’ll take luck whenever it comes my way. The entire goal of prepping, however, is to not be dependent on luck. Don’t just focus on acquiring stuff, focus on learning the skills you need to survive as well.

Rock-climbing rope with mindset quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt

Last word…don’t ever, ever, ever quit.

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