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SDI Vol. 4, Issue 7: Grow Your Own

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We’ve all seen the writing on the wall this year, 2020 has been a dumpster fire, and it’s only July.
One of the biggest effects of the pandemic has been supply chain disruptions, especially in the food system.
Seed companies have been selling out, and people are taking food production into their own hands by growing victory or survival gardens all over the country.
Most new gardeners are in for a surprise. Vegetables don’t just pop up when you toss a few seeds on the ground. Gardens take planning and care, and even then, the learning curve can be steep.
Survival Dispatch Insider has come through again by tasking our writers with putting together a guide on what it takes and how to get started Growing Your Own.
In this issue, we start at the beginning and offer ideas and solutions from what to grow, where to grow it, different growing mediums, and even problem-solving.

With only a few more months left in the growing season, it’s time to make things happen.

The list of problems with society has been growing by the day and venturing out to the grocery store has become a sport in some places. We can’t live on stored food forever.

Check out the Survival Dispatch Insider today, and let’s start solving our own problems.


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