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SDI Vol. 3, Issue 9: Frequently Asked Questions

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Survival Dispatch was founded to create a community – a platform to bring quality material from experts in their fields to give our members the best possible information. A lot of effort goes into this, behind the scenes, that you guys never see, all in the continuing effort to help educate and inform our community.

Throughout this process, several questions have come up time and time again. In this month’s edition of the Insider, we take on some of those Frequently Asked Questions. It’s often said there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and there’s not. However, for every question, there isn’t always THE answer. Sometimes, there are many answers. What is right for one, may not be right for another.

Finding the right answer isn’t a binary thing. It’s a process, a journey at times. It takes effort, you have to attempt before you can either succeed or fail. And even the failures have slivers of success as they provide experience. Experience is the foundation of knowledge. It offers us a base of reference from which to make our decisions. Without a foundation, nothing can stand. Survival Dispatch is part of your foundation, not all, but part.

We hope some of your questions are answered in this edition. If not, you know the drill, ask us. No answer can be provided before the question is asked and that’s where you come in. So ask away!

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