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SDI Vol. 3, Issue 11: Vehicle Preparedness – Volume II

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A series of regional political skirmishes have broken out between the far sides of the two parties in the last few weeks. The rhetoric has intensified with threats of increasing physical violence. There is a rally tonight, and the media claims your town is next on the list of protest sites. The opposing radical groups have claimed that some stuff is going to go down like never before.

You let out a bored yawn. The family is generally prepared, so you aren’t too worried. Picking up your phone, you scroll through social media until a post appears showing a line of national media satellite trucks lined up outside of a local arena.

With your interest piquing, you switch on the evening news to see a breathless news anchor live broadcasting when all of a sudden there is yelling and running. You perk up in your recliner. The camera crew pans to the left just in time to see a Molotov cocktail impact a news truck and burst into flames.

The kids turn to the TV and ask what you are watching. It’s only when the words of explanation leave your mouth that you realize your home is not that far from the action. Torn between watching the scene unfold and grabbing your bug out bag, you realize that you aren’t as ready to leave as you thought you were. Then you hear the gunshots, not on the TV at first but from outside your windows. The shots echo off the large buildings in the distance. The obvious return fire has a slightly different tone as the unseen battle intensifies. A crash of glass causes everyone to turn toward the big picture windows in the living room. A stray round has found its way to your house. The moment of confusion passes quickly, and you grab the kids and drag them to the far side of the house and take cover.

From your hiding spot, your ears strain to hear the TV news from the other room between the echoes of distant gunfire. Panicked reporters tell of crowds and a running street fight moving to the south.You live south of the arena.

Most preparedness-minded people will store some food and maybe go as far as packing bug out bags, but have they really thought about how to leave in a hurry? You might have an idea where to go, but do you have a vehicle that will get you there?

In this issue, we are taking the concept of vehicle preparedness to the practical level. From the skills and spare parts you need to choose a ride, and even how to improvise when the wheels fall off of your Plan A.

Get in, hang on, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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