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It seems like every day we see more and more people behave violently and take that to the streets. These trying times in the United States present unique situations to self-minded individuals. 

Firearms are great but in situations like riots, it is very easy to misfire onto a non-attacker. And that could easily leave you with a life-sentence. This called for manufacturers to create less-lethal self-defense gear to handle a mob. 

Non-lethal crowd control weapons are legal and easy to use. These are weapons that can be used over and over again without too much maintenance. And I have the five best non-lethal weapons for you to consider adding onto your arsenal. 

  • SALT s1 Pepper Spray Gun
  • PepperBall VKS
  • Collapsible Batons
  • Arma 100
  • Less Lethal Shotgun Ammo

SALT s1 Pepper Spray Gun

Top item on our list is the most convenient, most comfortable to carry, and most effective non-lethal option for controlling crowds.

The Salt s1 Pepper Spray Gun is relatively huge and looks somewhat like a heavily-modified pistol. This gun is equipped with a CO2 cartridge that effectively fires small balls which explode on impact. These balls are a mixture of powdered pepper spray and tear gas

When this hits your target, it will cause skin and eye pain. It will also make it difficult for the opponent to breathe. 

The Salt s1 can effectively shoot distances up to 150 feet. It also throws a pepper spray ball with the same force as a 50 miles per hour fastball. This gun will definitely disperse a crown and strike them with real power. 

This pepper spray gun is compact. But it’s also a powerhouse that can quickly turn the tide of an attacking group.

PepperBall VKS

If you want more power and a whole lot more swag, let me introduce you to the SALT s1 Pepper Spray Gun’s big brother.

The PepperBall VKS looks and feels like an AR 15. This rifle-like non-lethal weapon magazine-fed. The stock also contains a large and powerful air tank. This gun also mimics a lot of the controls and functions of AR 15’s. It even has a charging handle and a magazine release. 

A hopper can also feed the VKS. It functions with pepper spray balls and even the more projectile type VXR CS rounds. Its hopper gives you a whopping 180 rounds of pepper balls. The magazine mode also allows you to hit targets from distances of up to 150 feet. 

The VKS will let you deal with and disperse a larger crowd of individuals much rapidly. This AR 15-sized weapon is great for business and home security. You can even keep it in your vehicle and bring it with you anywhere.

The PepperBall VKS is rapid-fired and has low recoil. This will certainly disperse close-range attacks. It can even be reliable for long-range precision

The VKS is engineered with an excellent mechanism that is well suited for crowd control and target management. 


Close-range forces are inevitable during mob attacks. A melee is an effective tool to force the compliance of a raging crowd. Violent mobs will always target the weaker opponent and someone swinging a weapon like crazy will do just that. 

This is why batons are famous for use by police officers to control crowds. Batons manufactured by companies like Asp are excellent for close-range combat and not even complicated to use at all. 

Collapsible batons are the most comfortable to carry and will hit someone or something like a force of nature. 

They are made for the sole purpose of breaking bones. Leaving someone heavily bruised and severely injured. If a crowd dares to come at you, strike out and strike hard with a collapsible baton. They’ll never see it coming. 

You can also opt for a polymer baseball bat like the Brooklyn Smasher. This bat is engineered by Cold Steel and is designed for martial arts training. Melee weapons like these are a great choice for close-quarter combat and will cause some serious pain. They are easy to carry and come very cheap. 

ARMA 100

Also consider a non-lethal bean bag launcher like the Arma 100. This is designed to cause pain to your opponent and knock him down – or out, if you can

To launch a beanbag at the speed of a fastball, the manufacturers equipped with Nitrogen and CO2 tanks.

It is shorter than a baseball bat and works better than your old-fashioned broomstick. 

This bean bag launcher may just be a single-shot weapon, but it strikes your opponent with some serious authority. Do not worry about reloading as it is just as quick and easy. When you are out of reloads, it can be swung like a baseball in a pinch.

What’s great about this is it is a whole lot cheaper than a gun. It does not even look like one. This comes in handy when the police show up as there will not be any mistaking what an Arma is. It can just be carried around with a gym bag or backpack. Or a weapon you keep in your car’s trunk just in case.

The Arma 100 is completely legal and will not require you special permitting or licensing. Anyone who cares enough about their security and safety can carry an Arma 100.


Now, we proceed with much more caution with our next weapon. This is the most dangerous item on our list even though we are looking at non-lethal weaponry. 

Fiocchi is a company that manufactures less lethal shotgun ammo. They are however still very potent and powerful. Introducing a non-lethal load to a very lethal weapon is where the danger comes in. 

These are 12-gauge rubber buckshot rounds that deliver mighty brutal firepower. 

Needless to say, shotguns are very lethal weapons and should be used with as much caution and training as possible. Even if it is loaded with non-lethal shotgun ammo. 

Ammunition like these hits hard and hits fast and with a high-brutality level of effectiveness. When dealing with multiple threats, no matter how far they are, shotguns loaded with non-lethal ammo are quite effective. 

A pump action shotgun can let you load from five to eight rounds of non-lethal ammo. These can even rapidly fire shots

Rubber backshots usually spread fast. So, firing it into a mob of angry and violent attackers will give you multiple hites. I can assure you that rubber backshots are extremely painful and no one will take one more round of it.


These tools are rugged but effective. The goal is to defend yourself by causing pain and disabling an attacker. Keep in mind that the key to having success with the weapons in this list is practice. Practice often and understand the ins and outs of these weapons. 

Be prepared, be ready and be armed.

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