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Forest to Farm: Silky Zubat

by Survival Dispatch Staff

Hey guys Brain & Terry here! Today we are going be looking at the Silky Zubat arborist saw. We have used a variety of saws over the years. From cheap ones, to Corona, and various Silky saws; they’ve all been put to the test. After testing this one, we put it at the top of our list. 

First, let’s look at the specs:

Blade length: 13”

Overall length: 18.5”

  • Made of premium Japanese steel
  • Included holster has three rollers for extra smooth sheathing
  • Chrome plated, taper ground blade
  • Electrical induction hardened teeth
  • Low effort triple edge, non-set tooth design
  • Ultra-strong one piece construction with a non-slip molded rubber handle that really sticks in your hands
  • Heavy duty, durable and specially designed pivoting sheath for the curved blade with a detachable belt holder included
  • Exceptional strength and balance
  • Superior finish quality
  • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

One of my favorite features from the start was the quick detach clip for the scabbard. I always hate when I’m using the saw on the property and want to hop on the tractor or in my truck because I have to take my belt loose to get a saw off. Then, I have to repeat the process to put it back on. With the quick detach clip, you can just pop it off and on as needed. Definitely a huge plus in my book!

Another great feature is the roller lock system that is built into the scabbard. It allows the handle to roll past it and then locks in place securely. I never have to worry about the saw slipping out. It’s in there until I want it.

But it’s also very easy to draw by using the knurled ramp with your thumb as you grip the handle and draw it out.

When it comes to cutting, this thing is a beast! It has to be one of the sharpest saws from the factory that I’ve ever used and tackles anything from small cutting small limbs to larger stock with ease. The cuts are effortless and super smooth. I’ve not had any issues with binding, and if you do get caught up and flex the blade, Silky has amazingly springy steel that goes right back. We’ve used a variety of Silky saws over the years and have not broken a tip yet. We can’t say that for some of the other saws we’ve used.

At its small size of only 18.5 inches, it’s definitely easy to pack too. I prefer a fixed saw when camping or hiking, when possible and this size is perfect to put in or strap on a pack. It really helps make quick work of the campsite chores!

If you are looking for a good, reliable saw that you can bank on, definitely check out the Silky Zubat 330 Arborist saw.

We hope you guys and gals found this post to be helpful and entertaining. Be sure to check back soon as we keep moving forward on the property and share a some really cool tips we have learned along the way. Coming up we’ll be making the connection for our temporary water hookup! Thanks for stopping by!

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