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SDI Vol. 4, Issue 4: Severe Weather


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With a few finger swipes on a cell phone or clicks of a computer mouse we can see the climate history and forecast of just about anywhere in the world these days. Some software is even touted as hyper-local, down to the minute right where you stand. So why bother learning about cloud types and nature signs?

Because hypothermia, exposure, flash flooding, lightning, and high-velocity winds are more than images on a computer screen. They are a few of the most common killers of everyday people who venture outdoors.
It’s always wise to always do some preplanning when you head out, but Mother Nature can be finicky. That clear morning with a slight northerly breeze can change with a vengeance whether you are on the golf course, tubing down a lazy creek or hiking a nature trail. Momma Nature doesn’t care about your plans, but she does give you clues if you know what to look for.
Check out our newest issue of The Insider – Severe Weather! And learn how to keep yourself above room temperature when Momma gets angry!


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