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SDI Vol. 4, Issue 3: On The Move



You’ve laid in supplies, you’ve built a rapport with people around you, you’ve become a part of the community. But then IT happens, and you’re forced to leave it all behind.

Even the best-laid plans to shelter in place can fail

How will you pull it off? Where will you go? What do you take? Who’s coming and how will you communicate? These are all questions that should be asked and answered ahead of time. In this issue of Survival Dispatch Insider, we cover a range of topics on how to get ready to go, how to load up and how to get your convoy there safely.
Evacuating under pressure is different than a trip to the mall, there are methods to reduce the madness and everyone in the convoy should have a job.

But wait, what if it gets worse?

What happens when everyone else hits the road and the traffic situation goes sideways. The fallback plan is to bailout of the vehicles and hit the ground running. Learn what to do when the doors fly open and the sneakers hit the pavement in this month’s issue: On the Move!


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