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Making a 550 Cord Gill Net

by Survival Dispatch Staff


Alan Kay demonstrates how to make a gill net out of 550 cord. A gill net is an awesome passive food collection device. It’ll take some time to build, but it is one of the most efficient ways to collect food in a survival situation.

Gillnetting is a common fishing method used by commercial and artisanal fishermen of all the oceans and in some freshwater and estuary areas. “Gill nets are vertical panels of netting normally set in a straight line. Fish may be caught by gill nets in 3 ways :

  • wedged – held by the mesh around the body
  • gilled – held by mesh slipping behind the opercula,
  • tangled – held by teeth, spines, maxillaries, or other protrusions without the body penetrating the mesh.

Most often fish are gilled. A fish swims into a net and passes only part way through the mesh. When it struggles to free itself, the twine slips behind the gill cover and prevents escape.”

Gillnets are so effective that their use is closely monitored and regulated by fisheries management and enforcement agencies. But in a SHTF situation, there isn’t a better way to catch fish!

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