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What to Prepare for SHTF: The Briefest List

BLUF: This is a basic list of what to prepare. Take these steps now. They’re everyday procedures & long-term solutions. Implement them as time allows.

What to Prepare for a Life Altering Event (LAE)

 – Pad your food storage: 3 weeks of pantry food. Rotate items into your meals, replace as needed.

 – Store 2 weeks of water. Rotate, replace.

 – Get a water filter.

 – Plan for a 90 day supply of Rx meds.

 – Stock extra toiletries, cleaning & sanitation supplies.

 – Build a bugout bag.

 – Have a place to egress that’s not in the city.

 – Make an emergency plan such as ICERS.

 – Prepare financially and have cash on hand.

 – Back up important documents & secure in safe.

 – Make a blackout kit for loss of power.

 – Invest in backup power; generator/solar.

 – Carry a firearm, have a defense plan.

 – Add a get home bag & emergency supplies to the vehicle.

 – Secure home & perimeter security. Plan your home defense.

 – Be gray; don’t show your support of controversial political figures or beliefs as it may attract violence.

 – Have comms plan, cell phones, radio, sat phone.

 – Have a first-aid kit.

While there are other items to have prepared that will depend on your situation, this list will give you a solid foundation for what to prepare.

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