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Target Hardening + Detecting Tampering

Target Hardening Basics

Secure your home and vehicle with basic defensive procedures. There are countless options to protecting your home, car, and self; I think it’s best to keep it basic at first.


Replace the screws of your entry door’s strike plate (where the dead bolt rests in the locked position) with 3″ screws. Add a second dead bolt 1 foot below the primary lock. Install solar motion lights on all sides of the house to trigger when some approaches. Place alarms signage near street and house (even if you don’t have an alarm).


Hide valuables (and garage door opener) left inside your vehicle by stowing away in locked compartments (trunk, center console). Keep windows up (or no lower than 3 inches) when in traffic or stopped. In parking lots, park in open space far from building entrance (unless you can park with 25ft of main doors) where line of sight is not blocked by other nearby parked vehicles.

There are a few other things to implement when at a rest area.

Detect Trespassing & Tampering (Counter-Snooping)

BLUF: The implementation of techniques will allow you to detect if Someone Has Been There (SHBT) while you were absent.

》Placeholder- Place a hair or string between cabinet door/frame. Wedge a piece of paper or paperclip in the door. Place object on the top corner of areas (on lip of a dresser drawer or side mirror of car). If the Placeholder has fallen or moved, SHBT.

》Spot Difference- Take photo of areas (office desk, safe, junction box, campsite) before you leave & compare image upon return. If you spot a difference then SHBT.

》Align/Point- Carefully align objects using a spacing or compass technique. Space a briefcase one thumb apart from a keyboard. Point items (an ink pen or TV remote) North. If spacing or compass bearing is altered then SHBT.

》VOX- On old phone, download voice recorder app w/ VOX feature which activates when sound is detected. Play back the “tape” when you return to listen for sounds indicating SHBT

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