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Small Unit Tactics: The L-Shaped Ambush

Small Unit Tactics – L Shaped Ambush. If a threat is inbound and it needs to be neutralized, the utilization of an assault and seize tactic can prevent danger from reaching its intended target.

The concept of the “L Shaped Ambush” has many applications outside the basic ambush positioning. At its core, you are establishing two perpendicular lines and creating a 90-degree corner. The L Shaped Ambush is best utilized along linear lines of movement such as roads and trails. The intent is to stop or impede the forward travel of a target while simultaneously engaging it from a flanking position. The two perpendicular lines create an intersecting field of fire that engages the depth and breadth of the target. If done correctly, the target is denied cover and freedom of movement.

The L-Shaped Ambush is best deployed along routes that favor the shape of the ambush such as bends in a route or intersections. However, the ambush can be initiated using mobile blocking positions such as vehicles or other mobile barriers. (consider driving a barricade vehicle into the avenue of approach to slow or stop the approaching threat).

Crucial Components of an L-Shaped Ambush:

》Fixing the target – The forward momentum of the target must be stopped or slowed to trap them in the “kill zone.”

》Strict fields of fire – Every participating shooter within the ambush must have clearly established left/right boundaries for their fields of fire. It is paramount that a shooter’s weapon system is not aiming in the direction of another shooter within the ambush.

》Maintain freedom of movement and maneuver – To ensure that elements of the ambush are not entering into the friendly fields of fire, enable the shooters to reposition themselves along the lines of ambush to occupy more advantageous angles to engage the target.

》Communication – Every shooter must be aware of the position and status of the other shooters within the ambush. Always communicate if you are repositioning along the line.

Plan the ambush. Make sure all allied parties involved know the roles. When the target enters the “L”, move into position or initiate the attack. Use overwhelming firepower and only conclude when the threat is stopped. This offensive maneuver should be used as a preemptive defense. Don’t be afraid to call it off if the threat appears stronger/larger than anticipated. There are very few scenarios where this tactic could be employed in our current time. Aside from service members, security contractors, and the like; this tactic is reserved for a Without Rule of Law (WROL) society following a Life Altering Event (LAE).

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