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Detect Vehicle Tampering

While there are countless vulnerabilities if someone is able to access the interior of your vehicle, we wanted to highlight some possible exterior threats that anyone could use to cause damage or personal injury.

》Tire Deflation Attack: Keep an eye out for flat tires. If you unexpectedly find one or more flat tires to a parked car, check for cuts (stabs) to the side tire well.

》Tire Deflation Trap: Look for nails, tacks, & hard sharp objects wedged under the tire. (Often more overlooked than a flat tire as it doesn’t cause damage until you drive off.)

》Exhaust Disruptor: Check for the old “potato in the exhaust pipe” trick or other item that could be wedged inside or over the pipe to block it.

》Lug Nut Trap: It’s too easy for someone to quickly loosen the lug nuts on your tire causing the entire wheel to fly off once the last couple work loose. Check for tightness and use a locking nut.

》Gas Cap Trap or Disruptor: Foreign material could be added to your fuel tank (sugar/water) to damage. A hot-wire (from a dome light) could be rigged to create a spark once the car is turned on. Use a locking cap.

》Windshield Trap: Egg, contact cement, or petroleum jelly could be placed on your lower windshield (resting on top of wiper) to cause a blinding trap. If spotted while driving, do not turn on wipers as this is the delivery mechanism.

》Air Intake Trap: OC (pepper) spray, irritants, or poisons could be exposed to your air intake so that when you turn on your interior AC/heater fan, the substance will fill your cabin. If it occurs while driving, turn off the fan and roll down windows and egress.

》Cut Brake Lines: You’ll likely notice the brake pedal is loose or automatically depressed if all the lines were cut. If a forced fluid leak was made, you’ll gradually begin to notice brake failure. This is an uncommon tactic and is typically less effective against vehicles made post-1970s.

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