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Countersurveillance in Maps, Contingency Planning

Counter Surveillance Hack for Maps

BLUF: Protect your privacy from people using Google Maps to surveil your home. Blur your whole house or property.

5-Step Contingency Planning

BLUF: In the event of an undesirable occurrence, proper planning prevents secondary negative outcomes. Consider the need to notify others before taking to the woods to man track, explore, check on the sounds of gunfire behind your house, or travel out of state.

If you’re about to head out during uncertain times (like an LAE); or if you’re a police officer responding to possible armed robbery; or if you’re going on a hike alone in the woods; or any other similar at-risk situation, apply GOTWA.

(G) where I’m Going
(O) Others I’m taking
(T) Time of my return
(W) What to do if I don’t return
(A) Actions to take if

Tell a family member or partner the above information in case you get lost, need backup, rescue, or to further their chance of success. (Example: I’m hiking the Gold Mtn Trail alone on Jan 4th and starting the trip at Springer Gap. I expect to complete the hike on Jan 11th at Falls Creek. I won’t have cell coverage until after Jan 9th. I will resupply at Siler city and call you on the 9th. If you don’t hear from me by the 10th, send help.)

You can apply GOTWA to daily life or crisis situations.
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