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What To Do When 911 Doesn’t Work

Not too long ago all #911services were down for almost six hours in the entire state of Michigan. This occurs more frequently than you’d think. Usually due to glitches and updates. What if the system crashed indefinitely? Either by man made error or #cyberwarfare …⁣

🤳1. Know local non-emergency numbers. These numbers ring the same dispatch center as 911 and will get you the same help in the event 911 doesn’t work.

📲2. Have multiple cellular carriers. Often times its the provider network that fails and other phones may work.⁣

📱3. Keep that old phone left over from a upgrade when you switched from AT&T to Verizon. #911 services work even if you don’t have a plan/minutes.⁣

📻4. Get the same radio that emergency services use. In a SHTF scenario this may be the only way to contact assistance. ⁣

📳5. Check your local emergency services to determine if they offer #text-to-911 as the #FCC recently required all providers to offer the service within 6 months of a #dispatch center enabling it.⁣

📢6. Install flashing blue lights by your mailbox. It’s standard practice for law enforcement to investigate if they observe this signal. It will also alert your neighbor. ⁣

👥7. Consider neighborhood and #citizen2citizen assistance programs. There are apps the coordinate this service. #NeighborhoodWatches can also offer similar aid. Use portable radios or mesh networks to communicate.⁣

📵8. Protect yourself and download the Grayman #ContingencyComms Guide and their SHTF #Smartphone Guide for more info.

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