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Vehicular Threat Reaction and Security


If threats are present, be prepared to respond immediately by removing inhibitors (seat belt or stowed firearm) and take security precautions such as locking your doors.

Unbelt or “Armover” Under 10mph

If you’re moving in rush hour traffic or circling a parking garage to find a parking spot, unhook your seatbelt or wrap your doorside arm over the shoulder belt if traveling under 10mph. Be prepared to respond to threats or bail from your vehicle without getting tangled on your belt. (for high threat areas or during a LAE).

Prepare Responses

If traveling slow or stopped, make sure you’re in gear (drive/reverse) to drive away. Retrieve firearm if it’s in a locked glove box. Check for alternative egress routes (sidewalk, exit ramp, etc). Locate and ready phone (or stash in pocket if you anticipate high-speed-maneuvering so that it does not get separated from you during a crash).

Secure the Entries

Keep doors locked at all times (while driving, while parked, while approaching, at all times.) Keep windows up or, if necessary to improve audible situational awareness, keep them cracked (2” to 3″) to enhance exterior sounds. This is enough room to allow air to flow and you to hear exterior sounds but not enough for someone to easily reach in to attack or unlock the door.

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