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The Art of Managing Fear

Pioneers and innovators are rare. Tony is both.
His approach to self-defense is grounded in applied psychology, physiology, and tactical skills.”

-Michael Gervais, PhD

UFC & MMA Icon Forrest Griffin tweeted this after listening to the interview between Coach Blauer and Michael Gervais:


I was honored to be a guest on the Finding Mastery Podcast hosted by my friend Michael Gervais.

In this podcast, we discussed:

  • How I define fear
  • Why I believe no one is fearless but having fear isn’t a bad thing
  • The first step towards managing fear: being aware of it and identifying it
  • The reason I became so interested in developing strategies to manage fear: Noticing those who trained in physical combat weren’t able to harness their technique in times of crisis and asking why
  • How that realization led to refining my approach to teaching fear-based responses: tactical over technical
  • My stimulus-response model: motivation, expectation, visualization
  • And much more

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