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Stationary Bugs and Surveillance Detection

BLUF: If you suspect you’re being bugged or surveilled at a stationary location such as your home or a hotel, there are simple techniques and procedures an everyday civilian can employ to locate any bugs/hidden cameras.

Scan the environment carefully (look for things out of place such as a second alarm clock or unused power block i.e. a USB adapter).

》Turn off the lights in the room and black out the curtains (this could help you observe any LED-illuminated commercial recording device).

》Use your cellular phone. Place a phone call and walk around the room holding the phone close to suspected areas. Many devices will cause a radio static discharge that your phone will amplify. There are also apps for this.

》Check the mirrors at your place by observing the gap between your finger and the mirror. If there’s a gap between your finger and the image, it’s a real mirror. If your finger and the image touch tip to tip, there may be a device or person on the other side.

》Visual surveillance by outside attempts can be countered by keeping blinds closed, tinting windows, and ensuring the peephole view piece has not been tampered with.

》Consider a Trojan horse. The bug could be in your luggage, coffee tumbler, or phone. Check your belongings. A tapped phone will require frequent charging and drain the battery life. Check frequently to see if the battery life is running down with unexpected frequency. A tapped phone may remain warm even when it has not been used for a while or has been powered down. You may detect a pulsating-static, hissing background noise. As mentioned before, placing your phone close to other electronics can detect a tap, but if the phone is tapped, it could negatively affect the performance of other devices, even when you have not placed a call, possibly indicating the presence of surveillance hardware installed on your phone.

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