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NEW PREPPERS: Survival in an Uncertain World

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With everything going on in the world today, it’s understandable to feel uncertain or worried about the future. Natural disasters, political unrest, economic instability – it can all make us question how we’ll get by. But there are ways we can empower ourselves and be proactive, even in difficult times.

Here are some tips for surviving and thriving no matter what comes our way:

Build a stockpile – Having extra food, water, medicine, and other supplies can help you withstand emergencies or shortages. Aim to have at least a four week supply. Rotate and replace items before they expire.


Learn key skills – Growing food, purifying water, first aid, and fixing things yourself will help you become more self-reliant. Take classes or practice skills like hunting, foraging, gardening, mechanics and more.

Strengthen your community – Get to know your neighbors and share skills, resources, and ideas. Communities with strong social bonds fare better in crises. Volunteer, join a co-op or club, and plan to help each other.

Stay informed – Follow reliable news sources and local alerts so you can respond quickly to changing conditions or threats. But balance this with taking media breaks for your mental health.

Adapt and improvise – When faced with shortages or scarcity, get creative. Re-purpose and repair items when possible. Learn techniques like preserving food or making do with less. Staying flexible will help you through tough times.

With preparation, knowledge, and community, we can boost our resilience no matter what hardships might arise. Though the future is uncertain, we can empower ourselves to handle challenges and find opportunities to thrive. What other tips would you add for survival during difficult times? Share your ideas and let’s learn from each other.

Stay safe and stay strong, friends.

Chris Heaven, CEO
Survival Dispatch

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