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Mission Accomplishment: SMART Goals

BLUF: When setting life goals, planning to overcome an emergency, or succeeding in a tactical operation; implement SMART.

S – Specific: Think micro to accomplish macro. It’s easier to achieve non-generalized tasks. (Don’t set a goal as “Learn self-defense” instead make it “Learn jujitsu”)

M – Measurable: You should be able to quantify or assess the end state. (If your operation is to degrade a terrorist group’s online recruiting efforts, add supporting objectives such as “decrease engagement of @hezballahcom_media on Twitter by 20%” )

A – Achievable: Don’t be unrealistic. (Instead of aiming to go completely offgrid and self-sufficient, plan to grow potatoes and add $500 towards a solar system.)

R – Relevant: Is it applicable to reaching your intended outcome? (If you want to be a welder do you need to commit to a bachelor’s degree? Set goals that lead to accomplishment.)

T– Timely: Set a specific time frame for the mission or expectation. This may be a goal benchmark of deciding to work at a position for 4 years before you quit/transfer if you haven’t been promoted. It could be giving yourself 30 seconds to do a set number of push-ups. Alternatively, instead of telling your team to hold their ground until they get overrun, tell them to hold the position for 3 minutes then fall back to rally point.)

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