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Detecting Pre-Attack Behavior


92% of violence is preceded by warning signs known as physiological indicators. Up to 55% of communication is non-verbal. Detecting pre-attack behaviors can give the forewarning to develop a course of action.

》Actions: Pulling up pants, taking off shirt, reaching (for potential weapon), kicking/pushing objects (knocking over a chair), stomping.

》Arms/Hands: Clenching fists (white knuckles), fidgeting fingers, angling arms (bending at elbow or in right angles), hands on hips or back of head.

》Head/Eyes: Looking “through” you (glazed empty stare), uninterrupted stare alternating between your left/right eye, dropped eyebrows, rapid blinking, scanning area (looking for witness or weapon), averting gaze, flushed/red face or ears, jaw clenching, flaring nostrils, showing teeth.

》Body/Legs: Sweating, exaggerated movements, retreating dominant leg (shifting weight back), bouncing on balls of feet (bobbing up/down), bladed stance, bending knees.


Each one of these indicators alone doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Take the totality of the circumstances into mind and assess the situation, any other known intelligence about the person, the location, potential bystanders/backup, weapons available, along with any other factors.

Watch videos of real attacks. Much of this behavior can’t be acted, can’t be practiced, it must be experienced. Knowing when an attack is coming can save your life.

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