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Cultural Awareness and People Watching


BLUF: Be aware of differences in culture and language as it relates to life saving emergencies or intel collection.

Yelling, “call 911” might make sense to most Americans but is it a statement that might get lost in translation and leave a friend bleeding out.

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》Common Emergency Numbers for OCONUS – 112, 999, 000

Telling your contact to meet you at the 2nd floor lobby might put you on separate levels and cause a message drop to fail.

》”Ground floor” is typically referred to as the first floor in the UK.

Consider simple differences and be clear and concise while also taking into account variations in comprehension. This applies to tipping, asking directions, or simply avoiding behaviors that could draw attention to yourself.

Analyzing people or “people watching” is a natural action we take daily. We judge people’s clothing and nervous ticks. We label people, “hobo, manager, rich” based on appearances.

Analyzing a place, such as a house, is something we do every day. When you go to meet someone at their house you subconsciously are inspecting the walkway for trip hazards, the entries (to determine which is the main door), or if a dog might come out barking.

These daily observations can be paired with the Grayman concept IOT garner intel, assistance, or avoid danger.

Analyzing people can help you determine if they are a threat or if they could aid you if you’re in need of help. Example: Someone you saw earlier driving a truck with a “volunteer firefighter” plate could render medical aid if you need it. (for relevance – you’re walking into a grocery store and notice the off-duty fireman exiting his truck. Then later your spouse appears to be having a heart attack in the bread aisle.)

Analyzing places help you determine if the hotel you’re selecting is safe, which doors are hardened or left unlocked, or which houses are abandoned (potential shelter). – ORDER THE GRAYMAN BOOKLET

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