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ChapStick as EDC/Survival Gear?

Chapstick, mylar blanket, purifying straw, fire starter, and flashlight laying on the ground

You will often see preppers include ChapStick or other lip balm in their EDC kits. ChapStick is a must-have item because it has so many different uses. We love it when a piece of gear can accomplish multiple tasks…especially when it is as small and light as a tube of ChapStick.

So what all can you do with ChapStick?

A lot in fact.

So let’s take a look at Sensible Prepper’s 25 SHTF Uses for ChapStick video and break it down. You can view the entire video at the end. We are sure when you are through, you’ll find a home in your EDC kit for ChapStick as well!

Use on Chapped Hands

Apply a bit to dry areas on your hands to keep them moist and accelerate healing.

Use to Treat Small Cuts

Helps to stop the bleeding and keep foreign substances out of the wound to prevent infection.

Use as a Fire Starter

Pull the tip off of a Q-tip. Fluff it up a bit, then rub some ChapStick into the fibers. This will help your starter fire last longer.

Use to Make Your Tinder Burn Longer

Mix a dab in with your tinder. It will burn longer this way, giving you more time to get bigger pieces of wood lit. The longer your original tender burns, the better the chance that you can get larger tender to burn.

Use to Make a Small Candle

Cut off the end of a Q-tip, then push the stem down into the wax. You now have a small wick to use with your ChapStick candle.

Use to Protect Flashlight Threads

Protect the threads on your equipment, plus add some weatherproofing. Apply any time you have to change out your batteries.

Use to Rust Protect Your Carbon Steel Knives

Apply ChapStick along the edge of your knife to guard against rust. This is a perfect solution when you are going to be camping in inclement weather.

Use to Lubricate Your Tools

ChapStick is a great way to smooth out the action on your tools when they are binding up a bit. You can also apply a dab to screws before using them. It will be easier to cut into the wood this way.

Use to Keep Gears from Binding

If you have a gear that is binding, ChapStick can loosen it right up.

Use to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up

Put a small amount of ChapStick on your glasses. Rub it in really well, then polish it with a clean cloth. Not only will it clean your glasses, but it will prevent them from fogging up.

Use to Keep Zippers Working Smoothly

If you have a zipper that is binding up a bit, rub a layer of ChapStick on it. Work the zipper back and forth. Your zipper should function better, and you’ll also add a bit of weatherproofing to the zipper seal.

Use to Protect Leather & Canvas

Rub ChapStick into leather or canvas. The wax will help to protect the material as well as add some water resistance.

Use to Remove a Stuck Ring

If you hurt your hand, or experience some weather-based swelling of your fingers, taking your ring off can be next to impossible. Apply some ChapStick all around your finger just above the ring. You’ll find it much easier to remove now.

Lubricate Wooden Drawers

Old school wooden drawers can stick over time. Lube the top and bottom of the sides with ChapStick and they’ll work like a champ.

Use to Plug a Small Pinprick in a Tent or Tarp

Simply apply a small blob of ChapStick to the hole to provide a temporary seal.

Use to Hide Away Cash or Create a Mini Survival Kit

Remove the bottom cap and cut off the stem. Clean out the ChapStick tube thoroughly, and replace the bottom cap. Roll up some cash or other small items (mini survival kit), then put them in the tube…a great hideaway no-one will think to look in.

Others Use For ChapStick

As promised, here’s the video in its entirely.

Thanks to the Sensible Prepper for sharing such awesome knowledge.

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