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Avoid Occupying The Same Space As A Threat

Personality Analysis, Detecting Pre-Crime Behavioral Traits (P-CBT).

BLUF: People Watching and Ad Hoc Interviews allows for an analysis of personality traits that serve as indicators for criminal behavior. Knowing P-CBT can aid in the early detection danger IOT to avoid future threats.

Criminals generally have one of three personalities. If we relate the possession of these traits to that person’s assumed predisposition to crime, we can potentially avoid placing ourselves or that person in our occupying environment. First, know the personalities,

Psychoticism – aggressive, egocentric, and impulsive. 

Neuroticism – low self-esteem, anxiety, and wide mood swings. 

Extroversion – sensation-seeking, dominant, and assertive.

The knowledge of personality traits as they relate to the prediction of future behavior could help us avoid threats. Consider the indicators you could detect in a potential employee, your child’s fiancé, or even the bi-weekly guy that mows your grass.

If given the opportunity to observe and study that person, use the following criteria to assess if they possess a “tell” associated with criminal behavior.

These are broad traits and no, they can’t all be observed. We can identify some traits by indirectly conducting “convenient” interviews or by background research (social media / OSINT). However, many can actually be seen by the eye. Watch for non-verbal cues. Listen to what they say. Here are some examples,

Cupping of the neck can show insecurity. Negating compliments can show low self-esteem. Using the self checkout could show public anxiety. A quick outburst at a passerby that bumped them could show hostility.

No singular trait or even a combination of traits guarantee the person is prone to criminal behavior. Use this as a guide. If given a choice between hiring and employee that displays these traits and one that doesn’t, play it safe. If choosing a subway car occupied by a person with P-CBT or a car without, it’s again obvious which is the safer choice.

This is a narrow topic of many Grayman Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. Add this to your “tool-kit” as another method to avoid occupying the same space as a threat.


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