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Tiny Survival Guide 2.0


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How to Survive Almost Anything!

What Will You (and Your Family) Do WHEN Disaster Strikes?

Every day folks like you (and me) are thrown into life and death emergency situations without any warning. Unfortunately some NEVER recover due to lack of proper mindset, skills, tactics and gear. But this doesn’t have to happen to you…

Take Tiny Survival Guide Everywhere and Have: Safety, Security, Protection and Peace of Mind IN YOUR POCKET

Amazing “Go Everywhere” Mini EDC Survival Guide! It’s a Tough, Credit-Card Sized, Game Changing Tool – that Weights Almost Nothing, Fits in a Wallet, Pocket, Purse, Glove Box, Survival Kit, Backpack, First Aid Kit or Bug Out Bag – So YOU Can Carry It Everywhere – All the Time!

INCLUDES 19 QR Code (Smart Phone) Scan Links to Audio, Video & Self-Paced Learning Resources + PLUS: • 175 Expert Tips • 101 Detailed Illustrations • 67 Life Saving Skills • 5 Mental Tips to Conquer Crisis • 19 Tactics Survivors Use • 9 Self Defense Tips to Survive an Attack • AND 24 Essential Gear Checklists.

Who is Tiny Survival Guide For?

A GREAT GIFT for friends and family… Tiny Survival Guide is for anyone who likes to: travel, hike, camp, fish, backpack, go for a drive, a walk in the park, explore new urban destinations or be safe and prepared.




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