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Survival Skills

 Whether youre a day hiker who finds himself lost in the woods or the hard-core prepper, this professionally filmed and edited video by two of the self-proclaimed coolest people on earth, will walk you through the hard-core realities of staying alive in survival situations

Imagine being able to walk off into the woods with nothing more than a knife, and survive indefinitely…

The Survival Summit is proud to present Sigma 3 Survival Schools founder and wilderness survival expert, Robert Allen, in his very own full-length film, Survival Skills.

In this online streaming film, youll discover the critical secrets and subtle nuances behind how to properly start a fire using a bow drill, how to build a primitive shelter with little or no tools thatll keep you warmer than a modern tent can.

Youll also learn how to build warm weather shelters, filter water primitively, procure your own food, and much, much more! Many of the skills are shown primitively with no tools, or semi primitively with minimal tools.

Whether youre the backpacker who wants to have a few extra skills or the hardcore prepper, this training will teach you the critical basic skills needed to survive in the wilderness during an emergency. With over three hours of training in this film, there arent too many skills that you will not learn from Sigma 3 Survival School.

Film Runtime: 208 Minutes

Featured Skills:

•   Critical Survival Tools for EDC

•   Knife Sharpening

*  Cold Weather Shelter

•   Warm Weather Shelter

•   Tarp Lean To

•   Plow Point

•   Sip Well

•   Carbon Water Filter

•   Bow Drill

•   Bow Drill With a Student (So you can learn from his mistakes)

•   Tipi Fire

•   Ferro Rod

•   Diamond Blowing Technique (Youll never start a fire without this technique after watching this video!)

•   All Night Fire (Which should be re-named the 48-Hour Fire)

•   Snare Trapping

•   Body Hold Trapping

•   Paiute Deadfall

•   Meat Preparation

•   Meat Preserving



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