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The Survival Summit Survival Land Navigation DVD


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Survival Land Navigation

 Tech will fail, either in everyday life or in an emergency. This film will get you up to speed on how to effectively navigate your way to safety with nothing more than a compass and a map. If you need more, this film has it from finding where you are, primitive compass techniques, hiding caches, and more…

Film Runtime: 90 Minutes

Film Features:

•   Declination

•   Compass types

•   Pace count

•   How to navigate without a GPS

•   Azimuth

•   How to make your own compass

•   How to correctly read a topographic map

•   Understand Declination” and why its important

•   Find where you are on a map so you can correctly navigate towards water (or other essential resource)

•   Hide and locate a secret cache without losing it

•   Determine what makes a good compass

•   Route planning and selection #land navigation


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