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Survival High Desert

 Its been said that if you know how to survive the high desert, you can survive just about anywhere. Thats precisely why The Survival Summit teamed up with an expert, Kirsten Rechnitz, to produce  Survival HD, How To Survive The Harsh Environments of the High Desert & Low Mountains.

With extreme temperature transitions from shorts-weather” to blizzards in just a 12-hour time frame, the high deserts and low mountains near Moab, UT proved to be the perfect location for this incredible film.

Having spent nearly the last decade living in this exact type of terrain, Kirsten articulately details how to prepare for such an environment, as well as how to turn it into a comfortable experience, should you find yourself there unexpectedly.

Whether youre a backpacker who gets lost, an injured base jumper awaiting rescue, or someone preparing for any SHTF Scenario, this film will arm you with the knowledge that youll need to survive one of the harshest environments out there. From finding water, procuring food, building shelter, starting a fire, and getting rescued, cooking food, making spears, and trapping, Kirsten holds nothing back in this incredible series.

Film Runtime: 352 Minutes

Featured Skills:

•   Cold and Hot Weather Clothing

•   Priorities of Survival

•   Campsite Selection

•   Campsite Preps

•   Shelter Building

•   Tandem Bow Drill

•   Knife Techniques

•   Get Rescued

•   Make Primitive Glue & Repair Wood

•   Turn Sticks into Pencils

•   Good Hygiene Practices

•   Make a Dart for Hunting

•   Fletch a Dart

•   Make Primitive Cordage

•   Trapping Small Game

•   Processing Food and Identify Good Meat

•   Cooking and Making Rabbit Calzone

•   Navigate to Water (Bonus)

•   Wild Edibles (Bonus)


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