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The Survival Summit Survival Bug out DVDs


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Survival Bug Out

 Disaster can strike anytime, whether it be a financial collapse, pandemics, loss of the electric grid, or the many other scenarios that could cause a complete societal collapse.

Would you stay in town with millions of desperate and starving people or would you get the hell out of dodge?  Every situation has hundreds if not thousands of variables and there is no easy answer, but this instruction film will give you the knowledge you need to survive if you do need to Bug out.

Film Runtime: 117 Minutes

Featured Skills:

•   Secrets of the bug out bag

•   What gear to pack and what to leave

•   How to minimize visibility on the way

•   Why Prep?

•   When to leave if youre going to bug out

•   Where to go

From the mind of best-selling author and professional retreat consultant Jonathan Hollerman.



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