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The Survival Summit Into the Ozarks DVDs


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Into the Ozarks

Into the Ozarks is a film starring Joshua Enyart, a.k.a., the Gray Bearded Green Beret, and is the 2nd film in the Into the…” Series. This film explores the beautiful resources of the Ozarks in the south, just a stones throw to the mid-western states.

Come take a walk with Joshua and enjoy the great outdoors while learning bushcraft skills. Joshua is a former Ranger and Green Beret turned survival instructor. Joshua is also a top instructor for Dave Canterbury at the Pathfinder school with decades of experience.

Film Runtime: 128 minutes

Featured Skills:

•   The best knots to use

•   Proper sawing and chopping techniques

•   Building a raised bed shelter

•   Using Cedar bark for a birds nest

•   Making stakes from natural materials

•   The Toggle” system

•   Log Cabin fire lay

•   Cedar Bow Drill firestarting

•   Campfire Cooking including Cowboy Coffee”

•   Natural Resource Walk

•   Maypop

•   Black Walnut (including a little known secret)

•   Locust

•   Chert

•   Cedar



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