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The Survival Summit Firearmed Self Defense USB


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This film is an introduction to the groundbreaking Fit to Fight® FIREARMED® training program. Designed for the complete novice, the shooter, and the fighter, FIREARMED® is a skills and drills based program, for anyone looking to enhance their fighting acumen, in a firearms based environment.

This film details all of the fundamental skills required to learn to fight, when armed, while also demonstrating real-life scenarios and drills crucial to attribute development.

Film Runtime: 

Featured Skills:

• Learn to fight, with a gun

• Access and retain your weapon

• Enhance defense of family skills

• Understand the use of force laws

• Enhance decision making under stress

• Improve shooting skills

• Develop your draw from concealment under stress

• Learn life-saving trauma care techniques

• Establish your post-conflict strategy

•   Progress your skills with unique training drills



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