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SurviveTek Faraday Bag – Trekker


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Protect Your Expensive Electronic Gear with the SurviveTek ‘Trekker’!

When the grid goes down and everything is ‘dark’ you need to be able to count on your gear to help you survive.

A Faraday bag is one of the most affordable and safest ways to shield your electronic survival gear from a massive solar flare or a weaponized EMP attack.

Our SurviveTek, ‘Trekker’ is the perfect bag for small gear like a cell phone, GPS or Ham radio. And it takes up very little room in a smaller ‘bug out’ or ‘get home’ bag.

Faraday Bag Lab Testing Results:
100Mhz – 64db Shielding
250Mhz – 52db Shielding
500Mhz – 35db Shielding

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