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The Survival Summit team produced a brand new film called Survival Communications in conjunction with the preparedness expert and doctor, David Pruett. In this film, youll learn everything you need to know about getting started and on the air with radio communications.

What is Your Grid-Down Communications Plan?

Communications is the most neglected area of preparedness. Our smartphones have become an integral aspect of our daily routine. Their portability and ease of use make them seem the ideal solution during a disaster.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Cellular networks are in reality fragile systems that simply can not be counted on during a disaster.

These systems can be taken out of service by overloaded cell towers, natural disasters, significant weather events, power outages, forest fires, and terrorist attacks just to name a few at the top of a long list.

You need to look no further than recent history to understand the importance of preparedness communications. During Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy communications failed because landline and wireless cell phone service was knocked out of commission by power failures, hurricane-force winds, and massive widespread flooding.

With no personal communications plan, residents were left without the ability to call for help or notify family and friends of their wellbeing. Most people also lacked the ability to keep phones and other devices charged and operational.

The bottom line, getting a radio and putting it on your preparedness shelf is inadequate and a sure recipe for failure in a time of need. To be truly useful as a preparedness communications tool you need to practice using your radio, have a communications plan, and practice the plan frequently.

Start your personal preparedness communications plan today and purchase The Survival Summit Survival Communications film. Implement the simple communications plan reviewed in the film.

Start assembling your communications kit and practice with family and friends on a regular basis. If this piques your interest than consider getting your HAM radio license and become a communications resource for your community.

Film Runtime: 102 Minutes

Featured Skills:

•   Licensed and Unlicensed Communication

•   Scanners

•   Legal Dangers You Need To Know About Your Non-Licensed Radios

•   Develop A Comms Plan

•   Multiple Portable Power Options For Communications

•   How To Assemble A Grab & Go Comms Kit

•   HAM Radio Language And Etiquette

•   Tips On Getting Your HAM License & Getting On The Air

•   Your First Radio DIY Projects

•   Access To Free Custom Resource Guides To Get You Started!

•   Included in this film

•   102 min runtime of content

•   HAM Radio Dictionary

•   Resource Guide


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