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MSK-1 Primitive Survival Knife


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Introducing the Most Affordable MSK-1 Knife Ever…

All the MSK-1 “Magic” – For Half the Cash!

When we launched the MSK-1 Survival Knife in 2016, the response was incredible! MSK-1 quickly became the #1 Funded Survival Knife on Kickstarter.

But David was still a bit disappointed (and so were many of you). Here’s why…

They Said a Super Affordable MSK-1 Was “Impossible!”

You see, David’s original vision was to design the most versatile, user-customizable, survival knife system ever imagined – priced around $150 US – to fit almost any budget.

David approached many manufacturers – but because of the complexity of the MSK-1 knife and his high standards, they all said it could not be done – without making it in China.

David was not willing to compromise and “sell out” to China for a cheap knife. So he partnered with some great USA manufacturers to make the epic, original MSK-1.

His idea was to release the MSK-1 knife to the world and then circle back around and find a way to make a high-quality, more affordable MSK-1 in the future – for those on a limited budget.

Made For Hard Use in Extreme Situations

Handcrafted in the wilds of Central America by blade masters that specialize in forging exceptional knives meant for hard daily use – MSK-1 Primitive is fashioned from rugged, edge-retaining, “stone washed,” 1075 high carbon steel (which is similar to 1095).

Clear coated with our tough, oxidation-repelling finish, MSK-1 Primitive is accented by our beautiful, rustic, hardwood handle grips.

INCLUDES: (1) MSK-1 Primitive Knife (Made of 1075 High Carbon Steel)  (1) Set Hardwood Handles (with Stainless Steel Bolts) (1) Antiqued Leather Sheath (1) Handle Survival Kit – V2



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