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BDU 24 Hour Freeze Dried Ration Vegetarian Menu 9


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Every BDU 24 Hour Freeze Dried Rations are designed to provide you with a well-balanced meal containing over 2,500 calories per meal. Each meal is designed to give you Carbs, Protein, and, most importantly, Energy. 

Vegetarian Menu 9 Contains:

Breakfast – Fruitful Muesli

Lunch – Pasta Alfredo

Dinner – Arizona Chili with Beans

Side – Mashed Potatoes

Drink 1 – Fruit Punch or Grape

Drink 2 – Fruit Punch or Grape

Snack 1 – Salted Dry Roasted Peanuts

Snack 2 – Almonds

Desert – Dried Mixed Berries

Bread – Tortillas

Spread – Strawberry Jam

10-year shelf life


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